About Us

Decisive fitness apparel is inspired by fitness enthusiasts, bodybuilders, and athletes. The clothing range is specially tailored for active men who settle for nothing less than high-quality and high-performance apparel. These dynamic clothing are proactive, fashionable, and add class to the workout session.

It all started as making choice quickly and surely making its identity in India. Initial brand storm and the decision were done by two brothers having a casual family talk to understand the difference between the two countries. Jatin has worked 4 years in the U.K and also helped his younger brother Amit, before coming back to India. Jatin got this idea while having a regular chat with this brother settle down in U.K. they were just discussing how people lifestyle is also getting impacted due to growing IT culture and desk job in India. Suddenly a spark came to the mind of Mr. Jatin about an apparel brand specifically targeting gym and active sports as there were lots of gaps. Majorly this market was covered with an International brand like Puma, Nike, Adidas to name a few but there was hardly any Indian Name to recall in the mind of the general public.

With no apparel background and even Vadodara not being a garment hub. He still firmly belief and drill down this idea on paper and drafted an art of visual structure in manufacturing right his own farm nearby Vadodara. Thus, by also creating jobs for young adults in the town of  Luna – a Small village nearby Vadodara. Most of the people here are engaged in agriculture. Mr. Jatin returned to India from the U.K earlier to his brother way back in 2008 and wanted to settle back in his motherland. He also wants to create to a culture where people can have the option to work a soft job during their spare time.

Jatin and Amit have a strong belief to always get connected with the motherland where they have spent their childhood. The relation between Jatin and Amit shows one of the best examples of sacrifice, brotherhood relation, and love for their motherland no matter how far to go and settle down.

After months of brainstorming, hundreds of concepts, and ideas, a small team and structure were set up in his own farm under the shade and one small room. A special person was trained to cut patterns and local women were urge to come down and have trials on the latest machines to stitch activewear. The latest machines of juke and Pegasus were bought and a whole new era was slowly observed in the entire village. Women force was the main driving team for them as generally, men go to farms for the whole day so women get ample free time. Mr. Jatin and his small team started giving training about pattern making, cutting, stitching, quality check, etc.

This is how the brand was born and now with the help of digitization, they are able to grow multifield year on year on major marketplace players like Amazon, Flipkart, snap deal, etc. His vision is to grow this to an International level with help of his brother set up the ground for the first launch in the U.K and then spreading out in the United States, Canada, Australia.

They strongly believe that the rise of computers will certainly bring that demand for activewear products. Recent studies have shown a sharp jump in Gym culture across India. This clearly demark that their Decisive brand will engrave its name in top brands of Activewear in coming years

The company today boasts of a full range of sports, fitness & running apparel for men & women. The range includes t-shirts, shorts, leggings, jackets, track pants, capris, singlets, tank tops, compression tights, etc.

The aim is to spread a good vibe across India and the globe to Stay healthy and fit with such a busy schedule in this modern world.

Stay Fit, Stay Healthy